Sabotage strikes as pouting Survivor castaways take inexcusable revenge

Apr 13, 2016 at 10:59 p.m. ET
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When you take your kid's phone away or tell your child they can't have that extra cookie, it probably leads to crying, screaming and outrageous behavior. That's exactly what went down on Survivor when the game's biggest bullies found themselves on the bad end of a blindside when their buddy, Nick, was extinguished at the previous Tribal Council.

Instead of taking it like grown men, the dastardly duo concocted a revenge plot to steal the tribe's hatchet and machete while refusing to provide any additional food. Jason called it psychological warfare. "You cut off all their ties, mess with their mind, keep them weak, look for the cracks, look for the weaknesses, read between the lines and try and strike. I love psychological warfare."

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Joseph Del Campo builds fire at camp on Survivor: Kaoh Rong
Image: CBS

They woke up early the next morning and executed their sabotage before the sun had risen. When the rest of the group wiped sleep from their eyes, they suddenly realized their tools were missing. It didn't take long for them to deduce that somebody had taken them. But instead of letting it break them down, they found creative ways to work around camp with what they had left. Cydney used a saw to hack open a roasted coconut, which only infuriated Scot more because he felt like his victims were bragging about how to solve the sabotage.

Cydney Gillon chops coconut in front of angry Scot Pollard on Survivor: Kaoh Rong
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So he did what all walking turds would do. He rose to his feet and angrily doused the tribe's fire with a large container of water. Jerk. He then told Joe that since he is the fire master to go ahead and rebuild it.

Twitter erupted with more anger directed at Scot and Jason.


The saddest part of all this? Tai, who has won America's hearts, has disappointingly landed on the dark side as an ally with Scot and Jason. Later in the episode, he played mini Scot and secretly woke from his sleep to put the fire out again while everybody was asleep.

Sure, everybody gets upset about being on the losing side, but acting foolishly vengeful is something that will never lead to a Survivor winner. Three-time castaway Russell Hantz is living proof that poor social strategy can get you to the final Tribal Council, but it doesn't pay off. The game is about doing everything to win, not alienating yourself and being content with second or third place.


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Fresh target

Things took a stranger twist at the Reward challenge when Jeff Probst asked for the castaways to divide themselves into two separate teams for the competition. Julia volunteered to join Scot, Jason and Tai, which did nothing more than put an enormous target on her back.

After the bad boy trio won the challenge with Julia, the foursome shared copious amounts of takeout Chinese food. As Julia vowed her allegiance to them, Aubry was plotting to get her out of the game ASAP.

While Debbie wanted to vote Scot and Jason out, Aubry tried to convince her the more logical move would be to target Julia. She felt it was a smarter move to flush any potential hidden Immunity Idols out. But that scheme was cut way short when Julia won Immunity.

Julia Sokolowsi on Survivor: Kaoh Rong
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A new plan

Back at camp, Debbie made the bonehead move of openly discussing with Julia her alliance's plan of splitting the votes between Scot and Tai. Not surprisingly, Julia ran off like a gossipy kid at the playground and told Scot everything.

It was a moment that suddenly turned the tides against Debbie. Aubry felt that her over-the-top conversations were going to get in their way and made a push to blindside her. Cydney was on board. So was Michele. Joe, not so much. He felt like taking her out would hurt their numbers. In an ironic twist, Cydney and Michele had to ask Julia to vote with them against Debbie. Wow.

As Tribal Council unfolded, Jason and Scot continued oozing their arrogance by telling everybody Tai has a hidden Idol. Without hestitation, Tai proudly pulled it out of his pocket and showed it off like the kid who got the hottest, new toy. It got more intense when Jason taunted everybody by revealing his hidden Idol, which sent Tribal Council into a whir of whispers as the group quietly evaluated what their plan was now.

Moments before the votes were read, Jason and Scot played rock, paper, scissors to see which of them would play the Idol. It was all another mind game for them as they handed off the Idol to Tai, who played neither Idol despite threats that both would be put into action.

As the votes were read, two fell against Scot, three against Cydney and the majority against Debbie. She was blindsided by her own allies. Ouch.

Debbie Wanner's cast photo for Survivor: Kaoh Rong
Image: CBS

Final thoughts

Let's make one thing perfectly clear: Aubry is playing this game to win. Much like we saw with Jeremy Collins last season, she is also the only castaway getting a winner's edit. Her confessionals are among the only ones discussing smart end-game strategies. She's also getting loads of airtime, most of which puts her in a positive light. I'm putting my money on her.

Aubry Bracco on Survivor: Kaoh Rong
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Next, as much as it's easy to hate them, it would be absolutely brilliant to bring Scot and Jason to the end of the game. There's no fathomable way the jury will reward their childish behavior with a $1 million vote. The trouble is it seems everybody knows this, which is why we may have to suffer with their slimy attitudes until finale night on May 18.

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Finally, with Tai holding both Idols, he technically has what is dubbed the "Super Idol." This means both halves can be combined into one powerful safety net in which it can be used to save somebody from elimination after the votes have been read.

What did you think of the episode? Are you tired of Scot and Jason? Are you disappointed Tai is on their side? What did you think of Debbie's blindside? Who do you predict will win the entire season? Join the conversation by leaving a comment now.