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Olivia Munn was scared into freezing her eggs

Despite the fact that she is of prime childbearing age and in a committed relationship, actress Olivia Munn said she froze her eggs as an insurance policy against infertility later in life.

Munn is 35 years old, and despite common thinking, women of that age are still very likely to conceive without resorting to medical intervention. However, she says she decided to freeze her eggs just in case it didn’t happen early enough in her life.

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“I did, years ago, I froze a bunch of eggs,” she revealed on pal Anna Faris’ podcast, explaining that her friend’s experience scared her into making the decision.

“A girlfriend of mine — we’re the same age — she’d gone to the doctor and had a test and she had the egg count of a 50-year-old. For me, this is the count you’ll have until your 30s even 40s, you’ll always have a lot,” she explained.

She was so happy with her decision, she said, that she encouraged her friends to follow the same path.

“I actually started telling my friends about it,” she explained. “It’s no longer on the experimental list and I think that every girl should do it.”

Munn has been dating Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers since May 2014. No word on if they plan to wed or use her frozen eggs to make any babies of their own anytime soon.

If not, that’s cool — Faris certainly didn’t sound encouraging about the joys of childbirth during their chat.

“You finally understand what a ‘pelvic floor’ is,” Faris said. “It’s the muscles that surround your vagina. They throb for like two weeks… we should’ve been given more holes in general.”

Not exactly a glowing recommendation for baby-making. Munn might want to hold onto those eggs a while longer.

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