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Bristol Palin is apparently getting bombarded with dirty texts from her ex

Bristol Palin shares her son Tripp with Levi Johnston, but that’s as far as she wants their relationship to go. Unfortunately, Johnston — who’s married with two children of his own — can’t seem to take no for an answer.

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According to a report in Life & Style, Johnston has been sending Palin racy text messages. There are no screenshots of their exchanges, but a source shares quotes from recent text messages. Johnston’s supposed pick-up lines include, “Come cuddle me,” and, “Come lay that sexy ass down right up tight next to me and watch a movie with me.” They’re PG-13, but I think we all get where Johnston is going with the Netflix-and-chill vibe.

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Palin has told him to back off, says a source. “[Bristol’s] told him she’s not putting up with any of his bullshit,” says Life & Style‘s source. “[Bristol is] is not a home wrecker and she’s got too much on her plate right now to deal with Levi.”

Johnston has been married to Sunny Oglesby for four years. Johnston himself recently told Radar Online that their marriage has been through hard times. “We hit rock bottom. Every goes through bad times,” he said. “Everyone fights or has arguments, there is nothing out of the ordinary about that.” Will his wife think there’s something out of the ordinary about sexting an ex?

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