Little Women: LA's Briana Renée's wedding crasher could ruin her big day

Apr 13, 2016 at 5:25 p.m. ET
Image: Lifetime

The Little Women: LA drama has made its way crashing into Briana Renée's wedding day.

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Not only has she had to contend with fights among her friends and family over the disapproval of her soon-to-be husband Matt Ericson, but the morning of her wedding is filled with stress as Renée gets ready.

Now there's a bomb that might be the biggest shock of Renée's wedding yet when Christy McGinity Gibel shows up, despite the drama between her and the bride.

SheKnows got the exclusive first look from Lifetime about the moment when the two women come face-to-face.

"I hope this is a good surprise," Gibel says in the clip as she enters the room where Renée is having her hair done.

Renée is initially speechless before responding, "Yeah."

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But in her on-camera interview, Renée reveals the truth of her feels. "First Jasmine shows up with the wrong color dress and now Christy's here. I don't think I can handle any more surprises."

Still, Renée puts on a brave face. "Maybe this day is about moving forward," she tells Gibel.

For her part, Gibel tries to be the dutiful friend to make amends. "Do you need a water? Need iced tea? Want me to leave? It's your day. You're the princess. Because you were there for me. You helped me during my wedding day and I [was a] hot mess, remember? You brought me cheese and crackers and you were screaming at people."

Her words touch Renée so much that she begins to cry.

And while it seems like Gibel has good intentions, Renée's best friend Jasmine Arteaga Sorge isn't so sure.

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"I have my reservations with her," Sorge admits. "She's a people pleaser. So she just tries to say and do what everybody wants to hear, and she doesn't realize she might be hurting you."

Check out the exclusive clip below.


Do you think Gibel will make or break Renée's big day?