Yolanda Foster's divorce explanation on RHOBH left a lot to be desired

Apr 13, 2016 at 11:15 a.m. ET
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Sick of hearing about Munchausen syndrome and Yolanda Foster's journey? Ready for some dirty details about her divorce? In keeping with the pattern established all throughout The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6, you're bound to be disappointed by last night's snoozer of a season finale.

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Bravo certainly knows how to get reluctant viewers to tune in, because even after a season of disappointment, I went into the finale expecting to finally see something new. The previews indicated that Yolanda was about to spill about her divorce. Finally! Yolanda and David Foster announced their split right at the beginning of the latest season, and, outside of a brief awkward moment in which David was caught discussing his marriage in not-so-positive terms, the two have shown little indication of an impending split.

Throughout the season, Yolanda stressed out over (or instigated, depending on who you ask) the Munchausen drama with the other Housewives. But she never let on that the real source of stress in her life was her marriage.

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After a season of Munchausen nonsense, it would have been nice to explore something, anything, else during the finale. Instead, we were treated to more of the same. Although Yolanda did discuss the split, she mainly shared platitudes about not being happy in her relationship and needing to start fresh. OK, anybody could have guessed that based on her decision to pursue a divorce!

Yolanda and Erika
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It's understandable that Yolanda doesn't want to talk about the dark side of her relationship. Few people enjoy airing their dirty laundry on television. However, previous Housewives have been punished for their failure to play ball and discuss their wrecked marriages. But it doesn't look like Yolanda's about to be held accountable for her decision to keep quiet on this matter.

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A lot of people are questioning why Yolanda refuses to talk about her split. Could she be hiding something? This season, she has changed from RHOBH favorite to master manipulator, with many former fans deciding that she is the shadiest of the Housewives. On a cast that includes two crazy ladies named Lisa, that's saying something!

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While live-tweeting last night's episodes, several viewers cast doubt on Yolanda's situation, with some going so far as to suggest that her real problem this season wasn't Lyme disease — it was her crumbling marriage.


Bravo definitely didn't deliver during last night's season finale, but knowing the Beverly Hills gals, there's bound to be further delving into Yolanda's marriage during the finale. Stay tuned!

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