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Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet might be your next Tinder match

Eric Stonestreet must have a picture of himself with a tiger somewhere, because the actor just revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that he’s looking for love on Tinder. During an appearance to promote his new movie Confirmation, the two turn to talk of Stonestreet’s love life. He’s broken up with Bethenny Frankel and on the dating market, which means hitting the apps just like everyone else, says Stonestreet.

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“Now I’ve done Bumble and I’ve tried this other one and the way I justify it, Ellen, is I shouldn’t be because I’m on TV, I shouldn’t be eliminated from participating in what’s going on in the world,” he says.

In an attempt to keep up with the times, then, as well as find a partner, Stonestreet turned to his phone. He gets the same questions from his friends that we’re all asking: Shouldn’t a successful, rich actor be able to find someone without Tinder? (And, um, if he can’t, what hope do the rest of us have?)

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Stonestreet says online dating works well with his disposition. “It’s like, well, ya know, I very rarely meet people because I get nervous.”

He doesn’t share exactly how many people he’s matched with, saying only, “I’ve had all varying degrees of fun.” Hopefully we’ll hear a little bit more about that fun soon.

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