Erykah Badu tweets controversial opinion on girls’ uniforms, but she’s got it all wrong

Legendary hip-hop artist Erykah Badu is walking back on comments she made that started a huge debate on Twitter.

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In a series of tweets, Badu shared her opinion that women and girls apparently should be wearing long skirts so as not to distract the men in their lives.

“There was an article ruling that high school girls lower their skirts so male teachers are not distracted. I agreed because I am aware we live in a sex I-driven society…” she wrote Monday in the long series of tweets, which have since been deleted. “If I had a school I would make sure that the uniform skirt length was a nice knee length… It is fair to everyone.”

The article Badu is referencing is one about a school in New Zealand, where girls are asked to wear conservative skirts that are below knee-length. That’s the dress code Badu would apparently like to see enforced for her own two daughters, 11-year-old Puma and 7-year-old Mars.

“It is everyone’s, male and female’s responsibility to protect young ladies…” she wrote. “One way to protect youth is to remind them we are sexual in nature and as they grow and develop it is natural to attract men.”

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Nowhere in Badu’s rant was it mentioned that men have a responsibility to maintain enough self-control to keep from sexualizing women inappropriately, and other Twitter users were quick to point out that her statements were propagating rape culture.
“Good to see the rape culture and misogyny is alive and well in Erykah Badu’s heart. Used to like you BYE,” one wrote. Another added, “I love erykah badu as much as the next person but what was said is definitely the type of mindset that perpetuates rape culture.”

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