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Rihanna’s $80 fur-trimmed sandals are the world’s least practical shower shoes

No one can deny that Rihanna has incredible style. She effortlessly transforms from runway-ready to tomboy chic to beach bum all in one day. So when she announced her collaboration with Puma, everyone was anxious to see what she had come up with. Unfortunately, RiRi’s latest release from the collaboration is leaving a lot of people confused.

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For the third shoe in the Fenty by Puma collection, the singer added a new twist to the classic slider sandal. The style is a take on Adidas’ sliders, but of course she added a girly flair by making the top lined with fur. While it looks cute and is probably super comfortable, it’s not totally practical. At $80 a pair, most people won’t be able to justify only wearing them around the house.

In their statement, Puma said the shoe “is great to rock with socks or without, for the poolside or hanging around the city.”

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And yes, you could wear these sandals at all of those places, but would you? Probably not.

The impractical nature of wearing the furry sliders during the summer will most likely not stop RiRi’s nation of fans from buying a pair. They will do nearly anything, including dealing with many postponed tour dates and albums, for their favorite singer. Her nation of fans might just make this the most popular sandal of the entire summer.

The thing I’m most excited to see is whether or not Rihanna is the person who can finally make socks with sandals acceptable in the fashion world. I can only hope that millions of older men suddenly become huge Rihanna fans, because she let the world know that their socks and sandals style is finally cool.

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What do you think? Will you be buying a pair of Rihanna’s new sandals?

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