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Christina Aguilera makes super-confusing comeback choice on The Voice

Christina Aguilera is definitely doing something right on The Voice, because she arguably has the strongest team of the season. She made a lot of really smart decisions during the Blind Auditions, turning around right away for the best artists and sometimes recognizing potential that wasn’t immediately evident to the other coaches. However, many of her choices since the Blind Auditions have been questionable, at best. This was unfortunately the case tonight, when Aguilera chose a comeback artist who, although talented, was not necessarily the most deserving of this honor.

Nick Hagelin
Image: NBC

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The comeback artist is a great feature on The Voice, as it allows coaches to recognize those who, despite giving it their all, just couldn’t make the cut. What’s more, the coaches are allowed to invite back an artist who was forced out of any of the coach’s teams, not just their own. That being said, Aguilera has such a strong team for Season 10, she arguably should have chosen one of her former team members. Instead, she selected Nick Hagelin, who was previously ousted from Team Pharrell.

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Hagelin was by no means a bad addition to tonight’s episode. However, it was quickly evident why Hagelin didn’t make the cut. He sang Rihanna’s “Stay,” and it was nice, but that’s about it. At this point, every single performance needs to be absolutely amazing. A lot of former members of Team Christina could have easily delivered the wow factor that was sorely lacking from Hagelin’s performance.

The Voice judges
Image: NBC

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Viewers were definitely not happy about Aguilera’s comeback invite. Several spoke badly of Hagelin’s voice, and others, although not quite as negative, wondered why Aguilera didn’t bring back Mike Schiavo or Daniel Passino. Additionally, many viewers claimed that, while Aguilera’s comeback selection was odd, Blake Shelton’s made perfect sense.

Aguilera has made a few questionable decisions during Season 10, but she still has the strongest team, so she obviously knows what she’s doing. It’s just unfortunate that she didn’t give another, more deserving artist the opportunity to return to the competition.

What did you think of Christina Aguilera’s comeback choice during tonight’s episode of The Voice? Comment and share your opinion below.

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