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RHOD‘s Brandi Redmond is the new Brandi Glanville, and that’s a good thing

The Real Housewives of Dallas has arrived, and in keeping with the usual Lone Star stereotypes, the Housewives are larger than life! The show, although unique in its emphasis on the charity world, follows a lot of familiar Real Housewives themes. As always, there is an all-knowing lady who thinks of herself as queen of the social scene (LeeAnne Locken) and a crazy party gal who enjoys stirring up drama (Brandi Redmond).

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There are plenty of similarities between Locken and her counterparts on other shows (such as Vicki Gunvalson and Danielle Staub), but the parallels between Redmond and her fellow Brandi from RHOBH are even more intriguing.

RHOD Leeann
Image: Bravo

Like Brandi Glanville, Brandi Redmond is always eager for a good time. She’s not one to show tact, but in the world of reality television, tact is overrated. Both Brandis are obsessed with wine, but Redmond refers to her drink of choice as “Jesus juice.”

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Redmond and Glanville love to drink wine and say exactly what’s on their mind, but the most striking similarity between the controversial Housewives is their willingness to go after the leaders of their respective social scenes. This was evident during a brief spat between Redmond and queen bee Locken, who got all offended by Redmond’s less-than-proper behavior at a charity event. But while Locken knows just how to act in high society, Redmond feels that some things are far worse than a potty mouth. For example? Talking about yourself during a charity event highlighting those battling HIV and AIDS.

Brandi Redmond
Image: Bravo

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Locken is clearly meant to be the show’s villain and, so far, she’s doing a great job. Viewers were happy to trash-talk her while live tweeting tonight’s series premiere.

Of course, not everybody was happy about Redmond. A few used very choice words to describe the new Housewife.

Redmond isn’t necessarily the most likable gal on the show — particularly when she’s babbling about Jesus juice — but like her fellow Brandi from RHOBH, she knows how to shake things up. Despite the slightly formulaic feel of RHOD, the emerging conflict between Redmond and Locken indicates that the show has all the makings of a great addition to the Real Housewives franchise!

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