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Whoa! Bella Hadid is really flaunting it all for ‘secret project’

Bella Hadid has a new project in the works, and it may be her raciest yet.

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Yolanda Foster’s daughter took to Instagram to tease the “secret” new project, and what she’s revealed so far is… revealing.

In the snap, Hadid is shown wearing nothing but a black thong and some jewelry. The sexy snap is a behind-the-scenes look at the new shoot she’s working on, but when it comes to the details, her lips are sealed.

“Sorry mama,” Hadid captioned the candid shot. “Secret project with my dream team @nomadrj and @elizabethsulcer… #BTS,” along with a collection of angel, devil, cat and firework emojis.

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While that particular collection of emojis isn’t very telling, the “dream team” Hadid is collaborating with does lend some clues as to what she’s up to. According to People magazine, the shoot is likely related to an upcoming spread in an international edition of Vogue, and from the sneak peek we’re seeing, it’s going to be really sexy. Hadid’s well-placed hand is actually the only thing that keeps her photo appropriate for nipple-censoring Instagram.

And even though Hadid is already apologizing to her mom for the upcoming spread, it doesn’t seem like something Foster, a star on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is likely to object to, considering her dream of her daughters becoming household names. If this sexy shoot is any indication, Hadid is well on her way.

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What do you think of the sneak peek of Bella Hadid’s “secret” new project? Let us know down in the comments.

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