Not even Andy Cohen believed Karen Huger’s pathetic RHOP apology

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Karen Huger was in finest form on Sunday’s part one of the The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion, despite the heaps of side-eye being cast her way by her fellow Housewives. When host Andy Cohen read a sarcastic question from a viewer about who appointed Huger the “grande dame of Potomac,” there was more than a little athletic nodding from the other women on the couch. Huger continued to talk about her fabulousness, as well as letting everyone know that she was perfectly OK with her version of etiquette, in spite of what her castmates and the show’s viewers think.

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The reunion had its typical format, going back in time to revisit the most bananas moments of the season, including Huger’s non-gala gala for the Alzheimer’s Association, the group trip to Ashley Darby’s beach house in Delaware and the infamous crab boil at Charrisse Jordan’s house, during which Huger referred to Gizelle Bryant’s friend as “the help.” When the rest of the cast attempted to drill into Huger’s head that it is so not OK to use that term to refer to an employee, she tried to derail the conversation by mentioning that she once worked at Taco Bell and Burger King. Katie Rost spoke for everyone on screen and in the world when she said, “I would have loved to see you in a Taco Bell uniform.”

Jordan was quite reserved during this part of the reunion, but when Cohen asked her if she felt Huger owed her an apology for using her party to settle her issues with Bryant (remember when Bryant sat in the center at Huger’s birthday party and the world as we know it ended?), Jordan said that, yes, she would like an apology. Huger: “I want to apologize. I’m sorry if you were offended by my behavior.” Cohen, who over the years has facilitated so many RH reunions that I’m surprised he doesn’t have any physical injuries, pointed out the insipid nature of the apology, calling it a very Real Housewives move. It wasn’t really an apology, he said, because she made sure to add the “if you were offended” part, thereby eschewing any actual responsibility. Jordan agreed that it wasn’t actually an apology, but when Cohen asked Huger if she’d like to give that apology another go, she said no. OK, Karen.

Next week, part two: More fighting about race, Katie Rost talks about why she ended her engagement, and security might be called (for real, this time).

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