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Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra’s dedication to his wife leaves us teary-eyed

In March, Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell revealed she would be taking some time for herself and heading to a rehab center in Arizona to seek treatment for severe depression and anxiety — and it seems that her time away has really done wonders for her.

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Last week, Lowell tweeted she would soon be headed home, and over the weekend, her husband, Tyler Baltierra, confirmed this news. Taking to Facebook, Baltierra shared an image of himself and his daughter, Novalee Reign, along with a message about Lowell’s homecoming.

“Me & Tootie are off to Arizona to go get @catelynnmtv I can’t wait to come home with my wife & my whole family together again,” Baltierra wrote. “This past month has been a little rough by myself, but nothing I wouldn’t do all over again for my family. Cate’s health, safety & security, has & always will be my main priority. I love you Babe & can’t wait to kiss your face & hold you in my arms again! #BaltierraFamilyStrong.”

Fans are thrilled with the news that Lowell is coming home, but more than that, they are impressed with the way Baltierra handled his wife’s absence and have praised him for the way that he treats her.

“Be proud of yourself… Not every man treats their spouse the way you do..granted y’all prob.[sic] Have your problems but you still love and support her in end,” Toni Rogers wrote.

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Linda Rosebrock-Brewer was also impressed with Baltierra’s unwavering support, writing, “You ARE an inspiring young man. I give you high accolades supporting Catelynn through her dark time. Please consider going back to school as I know you can be a great counselor. I am twice your age and continue to learn from you.”

“Yay, so glad that she got the help she needed,” Gretchen Newman gushed. She wrote, “You guys are one outstanding family, and I commend you both for all your hard work that you two put in each and every day for that precious little girl! Now go get your wife and bring her home!! Hugs to you both.”

Fans are so right — Baltierra and Lowell may not be perfect and they have (like the rest of us) a few issues in their relationship that they need to work through, but what’s so special is that they’re always willing to work through them together. After more than a decade together, the couple is still going strong, and Baltierra is much more than just a doting father; he’s also a supportive and loving husband.

We’re glad Lowell is coming home stronger, and her willingness to share her struggles so publicly will serve as inspiration to others and remind us that it’s OK to ask for help.

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