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Quantico: At this point, I think all the recruits are terrorists

Quantico may want us to think there’s just one terrorist at the helm of all the show’s chaos, but I’m starting to think everyone except Parrish is in on the terror plot!

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As “The Voice” continues to terrorize Parrish, and as she continues to collect allies (Simon, Hannah, and now Will) you’d think she’d make more progress on unmasking the terrorist. But instead, she just keeps spinning in circles and doing The Voice’s bidding.

Maybe that’s because there’s more than one person pulling her strings. Here are seven reasons it’s a real possibility that more than one of Parrish’s fellow trainees is behind the terror plot.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

1. These agents are all kind of messed up

Quantico Cast
Image: ABC/Bob D’Amico

OMG, if the FBI really recruited this many screwed up, secretive trainees, we’d be in dire straits. Fortunately, this is TV, so we don’t have to panic that the nation’s security is in the hands of a bunch of drama queens who don’t even realize that Parrish is now stumbling around the bureau on behalf of a bomber.

On the other hand, the fact that they are all so messed up, with so many skeletons in their closets leaving them open to manipulation and regular temper tantrums, it wouldn’t be that much of a shock to find out that they’re all in on the terror plot.

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2. Everyone turned on Parrish too quickly

Remember how weird that mid-season return was? All of Parrish’s cohorts were suddenly yelling at her to give up testimony that the terrorist was still at large. They were adamant that she should just get over it already! They are just way too quick to abandon ship, and much too hasty in pointing their fingers at Parrish.

You know the saying ‘whoever dealt it smelt it’? Well, perhaps Parrish’s friends are all dealing out some serious terror in conjunction with one another and that’s why they are all making such a stink about her being “crazy”.

3. Shelby is driving the terrorist’s car?

Image: ABC/Philippe Bosse

Tonight’s jaw-dropper came in the final moments of the show where it was revealed that Shelby was driving the terrorist’s car. Is Shelby in on the plot, or just another victim? She didn’t make eye contact with Parrish. She didn’t smile, or make any indication that she was in distress, so it’s not impossible to imagine the rich little blonde girl is part of the problem. Especially now that we know her parents are war criminals who aren’t against coercing their own daughter into helping them escape detection.

4. Simon may be a part of the scheme too!

Come to think of it, isn’t it weird that Simon suddenly gets called into the car along with Will? He’s been a complete contradiction from the start… maybe he’s been playing Parrish (and us) all along. He was a little too eager to get into that car, if you ask me… and the Internet.

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5. Booth protests too much

Booth is probably acting like a total paranoid nut job because he’s blinded by his love for Parrish, but what if he’s really in on the whole scheme? He never satisfactorily explained why he claimed Parrish shot him in the first episode, and now he’s charging down the halls, shouting about how paranoid and crazy Parrish is acting… I’m thinking the man doth protest too much.

6. Vasquez may not really be dead

OK, we all saw Vasquez in the warehouse before it blew up, and sure, she was awful close to the computer that triggered the blast… but her “death” happened off camera. And in a show where nothing is as it seems, that means she may not really be dead… and, if that’s the case, then she is totally one of the terrorists!

7. Caleb is missing…

Image: ABC/Philippe Bosse

We know Caleb had a safety deposit box in the bank that later blew up 32 agents. We know he hated his father who died in the blast. And we know he’s MIA in the current timeline, with only his mother knowing his whereabouts. Maybe she’s protecting him, maybe he’s The Voice — or one of the people behind The Voice.

All told, at this point every single NAT in Parrish’s graduating class has given us reason to suspect them. And it’s way more likely that there is a collaboration behind the terror attacks rather than just one person. The complexity of the plot and the resources necessary to put the whole scheme together are a few more reasons it’s more likely than not that The Voice belongs to several of Parrish’s peers. The question is, will we ever find out who?

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