Kenya Moore and Kim Fields have the dumbest argument in RHOA history

Apr 10, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. ET
Image: Bravo

The entirety of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 has consisted of Kenya Moore and Kim Fields going at each other's throats. From commercial snubs to hurtful rumors, there has been plenty of fuel to fan the flames of conflict between the former Miss USA and the Facts of Life star. Just when it seemed like the pair had finally run out of things to bicker over, they upped the ante by engaging in possibly the dumbest "discussion" in Real Housewives history.

Kenya Moore
Image: Bravo

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Fields joined Moore and Sheree Whitfield for lunch, and from the very beginning, it was clear that she wasn't going to stick around for dessert. What began as a bizarrely courteous exchange between the two quickly devolved into the usual Kenya Moore conversation. Moore predictably went on the attack, accusing Fields of speaking ill of her behind her back while the RHOA gang was in Washington, D.C. Moore broke out the term duplicitous to describe how she felt Fields was acting toward her. This garnered an incredibly sarcastic "Ooh, good word" response from Fields. The war of words had officially begun.

Kim Fields
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Moore wasn't about to sit back and let Fields treat her like an elementary school child getting good marks from the teacher in English class. She rightfully called out Fields for being condescending, and Whitfield, who had a front-row seat for this spectacle, agreed. Whitfield wondered if Fields' time as a Hollywood actor might explain why she's "actin' a fool." Fields attempted to smooth things over by offering, in her words, a "mea culpa," which Moore hilariously mocked: "Oh, that's a big word!"

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Once again, Moore felt as though Fields was talking down to her by using expressions that people often learn in high school. After Fields walked out on the conversation, Moore did her usual behind-the-back name-calling, referring to Fields and her hairstyle as "Toodle," which she later explained as "Tootie doing a poodle." Viewers on Twitter made it known that they thought this entire argument was quite possibly the dumbest thing they've seen all season.


The RHOA reunion was pretty crazy, but Secrets Revealed was even better, as it highlighted several of the show's most ridiculous moments. Sadly, tonight's exchange between Moore and Fields may be the last we see, as Fields is rumored to be finished with Bravo.

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