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Kate Hudson admits she sometimes feels like a bad mom

If there’s one celebrity mom who always looks confident, happy and like she’s having the most fun of anyone in the room, it’s Kate Hudson, a single mom of two boys — Ryder, 12, and Bingham, 4. But the actress recently penned an honest and brave essay for InStyle magazine in which she confessed a thought that keeps many moms awake at night: Hudson says she sometimes feels like a bad mom. As it turns out, being an unconventional mom in Hollywood may fill some of us with envy (I mean, she gets to date Nick Jonas and bring her trendy boho style to her very own athletic line, Fabletics), but that doesn’t mean Hudson doesn’t question her own parenting skills from time to time.

In the essay, Hudson explains how difficult it is for her to bridge her “wild” ways with her sons’ need for a traditional mom. “I was really young, like 23, when I had Ryder,” Hudson writes. “So, our relationship has always been [a little unusual]. I mean, we’re close, and I am his mom. I’m big on manners. I’m big on politeness. I’m big on gratitude. But I’m a bit of a wild mom.”

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Three cheers for Hudson and her “wild mom” ways. Three cheers for any woman, mom or not, who follows her dreams and refuses to hold herself back because society wants her to act a certain way. It’s unclear why the Pretty Happy author labels herself “wild” — because she’s a free spirit whose Instagram is filled with sexy photos? because she isn’t afraid of ending romantic relationships that no longer suit her? — but she doesn’t hold back from revealing other mom truths we’ve been taught to bury.

So far, this one is my favorite: “Some days I feel like I should win best mom of the day award, and some days I find myself doing strange things that don’t have any real purpose, in faraway corners in my house, and I realize I am literally and deliberately hiding from my children.”

And guess what? Hudson also admits she’d rather be binge-watching The Bachelor than helping her children with their math homework. Bad mom? More like normal human being.

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I think women are intrigued by Hudson’s freedom and the way she unapologetically lives her life and chooses paths that don’t always fit the traditional mom mold (whatever that means nowadays). Perhaps some have questioned whether she’s a little too bohemian to give her children the structure and stability they need. But the fact that she’s so self-aware and giving of herself in this essay proves she is a thoughtful person who can do both: raise her sons with lots of love and stay true to herself.

Hudson deserves a round of applause for saying some of the things a lot of moms think but would never admit aloud: that motherhood is sometimes boring, other times the greatest challenge of our lives, but always worth it in the end.

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