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The Amazing Race‘s Blair Fowler got what she deserved after not pulling her weight

Everyone knows The Amazing Race is a game where you need both members of the team to be pulling their weight and giving 100 percent effort all the time to be successful. Well, during Week 7, one team in particular showed fans what happens when one person does all the work while the other simply cheers from the proverbial sidelines.

While racing around the country of Georgia, teams found themselves performing some of the most difficult tasks ever featured on the show. Several teams even gave up at various times, proving that the challenges might actually get the better of some of the stronger teams. But it was fair-weather “team” Blair and Scott Fowler who proved that if you don’t have both members giving their all, you might be going home.

During the first detour, teams had to make a traditional Georgian candy called churchkhela, which is hazelnuts strung on a string, then dipped in a wine and sugar syrup. All of the teams who chose this detour struggled desperately. It was so difficult that one of the top teams, Korey Kuhl and Tyler Oakley, quit after trying for quite some time and went to try their hand at the other detour choice. When the Fowlers got their turn at the challenge, in perfect Blair fashion, she allowed her father to do the difficult work of stringing the hazelnuts — prompting many a finger prick — while she simply stirred the syrup.

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Blair wasn’t done passing the buck to her father. When the team got to the roadblock, which required them to learn a very difficult, very fast traditional Georgian dance from the Georgian ballet, she once again deferred to her father, telling him that he should learn the dance. By that time, fans had had it up to their eyeballs with Blair’s laziness.

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While the Fowlers and Team Korey and Tyler ended up being the last two teams trying to get past the roadblock, it was Scott who got the nod first — when his daughter struck again.

Trying to be a little helpful (for once), she picks up both her own and her father’s backpacks, but she failed to inform him that she did so. When Scott bolted out the door, he grabbed the closest bag he saw… which ended up not being his.

Having to go back and give the bag to Korey and Tyler ended up being the Fowlers’ fatal error, allowing the other team to pass them in their taxi and giving them the literal foot they needed to edge Scott and Blair out of the competition in a foot race to the mat.

Fans were sad to see the hardworking Scott go, but no love was lost for the shirking Blair.

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