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Wait, did Teen Mom 2 fans actually just agree with Jenelle Evans?

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I have been known, from time to time, to indulge in a good 16 and Pregnant marathon, and during that time, I have rewatched Jenelle’s episode. Yes, the first time we met Jenelle, when she thought she and Andrew, Jace’s father, might be together forever, when she admitted to not having thought about what it would mean to have a kid, and when she impressed us all by texting during labor. I would like to think that we were, on some level, prepared for her to return to our screens in Teen Mom 2, but can one really be ready for such a thing?

Jenelle and her mom, Barb, have always had their issues. From what we’ve seen on the show, they seem to mainly orbit around Jenelle not being the most responsible creature on the planet, particularly when it comes to Jace, but also in regard to the dudes with whom she associates. We’ve witnessed many the dramatic screaming match between Jenelle and Barb and, more often that not, Barb’s been right. On Sunday’s episode, though, Barb made some moves that had Teen Mom 2 fans wondering if maybe they were seeing or hearing things, because, for a second, Jenelle wasn’t totally wrong.

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Something that happens constantly on this show is one parent trying to get their kid to say something disparaging about their other parent (Chelsea and Adam are particularly guilty of this). Barb, who has primary custody of Jace, has definitely done her share of this as well, but on the latest episode, she skipped all that and went directly to lying to Jenelle about Jace not wanting to come to her house, saying he said he was too tired, when in fact he told Barb he DID want to go.

Jace is apparently always tyrannical when he returns from Jenelle’s, but it seems really underhanded to lie to Jenelle, and counterproductive if she wants to create a better relationship with her daughter, which might be in Barb’s best interest when and if Jenelle gets custody of Jace back.

In another questionable move, Barb ignored all one thousand of Jenelle’s phone calls. The whole world knows how to make Jenelle mad, and Barb seemed to really be interested in continuing to needle her until she snaps — is it with the hope that the more times Jenelle freaks out at her, the less likely she’ll be to actually get custody back? Whatever her motivation, fans were less than pleased about Barb’s behavior.
We saw Barb pull another sketchy move last week, when she picked a fight with Jenelle after meeting her new boyfriend for the first time. It’s not the best look for Barb to be inciting Jenelle, nor is it necessary — it will be hard for Jenelle to get custody back. Barb is likely acting out of frustration —after all, she’s been dealing with Jenelle’s predictably awful behavior for years — but also out of a fear that she might actually lose Jace. Still, though, Barb — maybe consider some different tactics.

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Did you think Barb’s behavior was out of hand? Or is she just trying to protect Jace? Tell us in the comments!

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