Rumer Willis' singing will give you goosebumps, it's that good

Apr 8, 2016 at 5:49 p.m. ET
Image: Instagram

It won't be long until Rumer is the most famous Willis in the family. She's already won Dancing with the Stars, and now Willis is showing off her beautiful singing voice. She's in New York City performing at Café Carlyle this weekend with a backup band. The set is getting rave reviews from critics and audience members alike. "Ms. Willis dug into its hurt feelings and made you feel that this child of privilege has known more than her share of woe," said a The New York Times review of the show. Stephen Holden calls her a natural nightclub singer.

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It would be hard to forget just where Willis' privilege came from, because her parents Bruce Willis and Demi Moore stopped by her show on Thursday evening. Her band (called excellent by the Times) couldn't resist taking a picture with Willis. Can you blame them?


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Her family couldn't help but fangirl over their newest star. "Still have goosebumps thinking about [Willis'] performance last night," gushed her stepmother Emma Willis in an Instagram video of the performance. "If you're in NY she's performing till Sunday--it's a must! Not spoken as a step-mom but as a fan of great music. It's the quintessential NY night. But seriously, isn't she amazing?!"


If you need to get acquainted with Willis' singing, here are some of her covers.



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