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The Vanderpump Rules secret is that these servers are weirdos

You know when reality show stars claim that their lives are actually pretty uneventful and if it weren’t for editing we’d all know their lives are basically boring? That’s not the case for the Vanderpump Rules cast. The Sur servers are perhaps the strangest group of friends I’ve ever seen. And I once walked through Comic Con.

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During the season’s wrap-up episode, “Secrets Revealed,” we saw less juicy gossip and more of the cast indulging in their their strange hobbies. Major takeaways from the episode are James and Kristen love getting their crystals read, Jax loves getting tattoos of his friends, and Tom and Ariana love getting photo shoots for their “modeling careers.” They’re all basically overgrown children who play all day because no one tells them not to.

Is it weird that I’m more jealous of their daytime activities more than their night-time ones?

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The episode actually made each cast member more endearing to me because it proved that when they aren’t fighting over their relationships, they are really close, goofy friends. But that doesn’t discount the fact that they are definitely a very eclectic group.

It makes sense, though, that they get into random stuff when they’re not working. They’re all servers and bartenders. During the day, they have nothing to do but nurse their hangovers and wait for their shifts to start. Eventually they’re going to get bored and need something to entertain them. Apparently if you work for Lisa Vanderpump, a regular hobby like bike riding or photography isn’t enough to keep your attention. You’ve got to get into all the strange and silly things that Los Angeles has to offer.

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They all seem to support each other’s strange interests, too. None of them is participating in these things alone. So either I’m the weird one or they got super lucky to find the select group of people who are their exact same kind of weird.

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