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What’s next for Scandal‘s Olivia Pope is sure to be bad — really, really bad

Way to go, Shonda Rhimes; you just managed to make Scandal absolutely addictive. Again.

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Season 5 has admittedly gotten a little washed out with an abnormally mean Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) who just can’t stay away from Jake. Gag!

But tonight’s episode threw everything for a loop when Olivia went Game of Thrones status on former Vice President Andrew Nichols.

And while the guy absolutely deserved it, it was tragic to see Olivia snap like that. Thanks to Andrew’s return, the whole episode Olivia was having some major PTSD resurgences. Andrew, in case you forgot, is the one who plotted Olivia’s kidnapping.

So while the former VP definitely deserved to have his head bashed in, I was really, really hoping it wouldn’t happen, if only for the sake of justice and redemption. And although Olivia preached being better than Andrew at the beginning of the episode, that all went out the window when he started calling her a slut, among other colorfully foul language. She snapped.

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And, for lack of a better term, shit got real.

There is no way Olivia just recovers from this. She doesn’t go back to being a gladiator.

She needs help.

But there’s no way she’s getting that help from Eli and Jake. They wanted to kill Andrew from the get-go. And they’re so messed up with psychological problems of their own that I don’t think there’s a therapist alive who could help them.

It also doesn’t look like any of Olivia’s friends will be coming to her rescue either. She and Abby had quite the falling out tonight. I definitely didn’t miss that mad stink eye Olivia gave Abby when Fitz wanted Abby’s advice. And Quinn and Huck are basically Olivia’s henchmen, which means they aren’t going to slap her out of her fall. Marcus is so out of the loop on what happened that he can’t help. Mellie is too busy trying to win the Latino vote. So it looks like it’s Fitz or bust. But with Olivia still giving googly eyes to Jake, Fitz might be out of this fight, too.

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Interestingly, it looks like Olivia might have to save herself.

Do you think Olivia can come back out on top?

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