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Grey’s Anatomy: Wilmer Valderrama as Stephanie’s love interest? Yes, please!

Confession: I was a big fan of That ’70s Show… and despite the fact it ended a decade ago, I have never been able to see Wilder Valderrama as anyone but Fez. Until his cameo on Grey’s Anatomy tonight, that is.

Here’s the thing about Fez — I loved him. He was hilarious! And an oddly endearing combination of narcissistic, childish and super horny. But I was never attracted to Fez. If I’d known him IRL, he’d definitely have lived in the purgatory that is the friend zone.

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Since That ’70s Show went off the air, Valderrama has scored many, many roles. He has been rumored to have dated some seriously beautiful and funny women in Hollywood, including his That ’70s Show costar Mila Kunis (before she was Kutchered) and singer-slash-actress Mandy Moore.

He is currently dating Demi Lovato, who I think is hella cool.

But, still. He’s Fez, you guys! I’ve never been able to see him in any other light. Accordingly, I brushed it off when I first heard he was going to cameo on Grey’s Anatomy. Welp, I thought, this should be interesting. Fez in a hospital gown?

So imagine my surprise when Amelia, Penny and Stephanie walk into a hospital room, Valderrama stops playing guitar to speak to them and — wait for it — I absolutely 100 percent found him to be cute. Not just cute, actually. Like, really damn hot.

Grey's Anatomy
Image: ABC

What is with this sudden change of heart? (Or perhaps libido is more accurate?)

I have an aunt who used to love butter. She didn’t eat waffles; she ate butter with a side of waffles. She may very well have eaten anything if enough butter was involved. Then, one day out of the blue, she just couldn’t eat any more butter. She couldn’t even stand the sight of it.

You may be wondering, what in the universe does this have to do with Wilmer Valderrama? Well, I’ll tell you. Maybe my tastebuds of attraction (c’mon, just roll with me on this) have changed, like my once-butter-lovin’ aunt’s did.

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At some point, Valderrama stopped being undesirable to me and started being very desirable, as though someone flipped a switch.

Whatever the case may be, I’m diggin’ it. I’d like to see more of this newly hot Valderrama in his capacity on the show as Kyle Diaz — a rock star suffering from MS who is admitted to the hospital to deal with the hand tremors hindering his rock star status.

Which leads me to another reason I dig this character and want his role to morph from cameo to recurring: Dr. Stephanie Edwards.

Grey's Anatomy
Image: ABC

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Jerrika Hinton, who plays Stephanie. I had the pleasure of interviewing her last fall and legit adored her. During our conversation back then, she hinted Stephanie would potentially find love this season.

“There is a new love interest on the horizon, but for the first few episodes, I feel like the focus is on her,” Hinton said. “You’re going to understand her more as a person, and I think that’s a great metaphor for life as well — you need to understand yourself as a full person before you go jumping back into something else.”

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Check and check, right? Stephanie has definitely come into her own this season so far and we do know her in a way we didn’t before. That certainly paves the way for this alluded-to love interest, so odds are good Hinton was talking about Valderrama.

Um, yes, please! Not only do I get to indulge in my recently acquired taste for former-Fez, but that means I get to see more scenes between Valderrama and Hinton like the chemistry-filled ones we saw tonight.

And since Hinton has started working on another pilot (yay!) and could be on borrowed time where Grey’s is concerned (boooo!), I’ll take any scenes we can steal from this rising star. If that happens to include a few sexy moments with Valderrama strumming a guitar, well, so be it.

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