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Counting On‘s Jessa Duggar, Ben Seewald get an embarrassing cultural shock

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On Tuesday’s new episode of Counting On, the family worked on finishing the tree house, Jill gave her sisters and Anna a list of stuff to bring her on their upcoming trip to Central America, Jinger took photos and gave us more reasons to wish for her escape from her family, and Ben and Jessa went on a trip to St. Louis so Ben could attempt to become a hip-hop star.

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I think we can all agree that the Duggar kids are not the most well-rounded humans on the planet and so probably no one was that surprised when it turned out none of them could explain what hip-hop was. It’s either that or they did know what it was, but were trying not to be super offensive — or their version of super offensive. Either way, it was awkward, but not nearly as awkward as Ben’s attempt to rap in the presence of Flame, the Christian hip-hop artist he and Jessa had gone to St. Louis to hang out with. Apparently, Ben had been listening to some Christian hip-hop as of late, and since he’s married to a reality TV star, he now has access to folks like Flame and can just pop into his studio. At any rate, Flame suggested that Ben rap, and he did, and it was excruciating. Like the turn your TV down, if not off, leave the room to regroup kind of excruciating.

Later, while Ben went with Flame on a tour of the “inner city,” Jessa went out with Crystal, Flame’s wife, and Crystal’s sister to an Indian restaurant. I’m assuming the Duggars aren’t well acquainted with spicy foods, so between this and the hip-hop music, Jessa and Ben might as well be rebelling. Jessa, of course, got right to it with Crystal and asked her where she was “really” from, because of course she had no idea what a seriously offensive question that is. You could tell her mind was all sorts of blown by learning about Crystal and Flame’s traditional Indian wedding — I’m assuming the Duggars don’t learn about such things as other cultures and religions in their homeschool curriculums. Lest you think no one learned anything on the trip, after hearing Flame’s story of growing up in St. Louis, Ben is now interested in ministering in the “inner city.” Is there even a point in telling him that that’s some coded, racist language? No? Can I at least imagine that when the cameras weren’t around, Flame pulled Ben aside and explained a few things? Whatever, I’m doing it anyway.

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What did you think of Jessa and Ben’s trip to St. Louis? Tell us in the comments!

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