Javi Marroquin's anger at Kailyn Lowry on Teen Mom made no sense

Apr 12, 2016 at 8:18 a.m. ET
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There have been two new episodes of Teen Mom 2 this week, so this season is moving quickly. Already, we've seen Leah and Corey's custody agreement change, Jenelle introduce her mother to her new boyfriend, and Kailyn and Javi learn about Javi's impending deployment.

On Monday's new episode, Jenelle's boyfriend moved in, Chelsea and Cole got engaged, Leah texted while driving, and Kail and Javi coped with a miscarriage, separately.

We already knew about Kail's miscarriage (the pregnancy was planned) from the Season 7 spoilers, but what we learned tonight was that after it had happened, Kail went to visit a friend in New Mexico, and Javi went to California. It did seem odd that they were eager to be apart after such a loss, but everyone grieves differently.

What was super hard to stomach, though, was Javi telling Kail, when they had both returned from their trips, that he'd actually been angry with her for miscarrying. Fans were angry, and rallied to support and empathize with Kail.


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Like I said above, everyone grieves differently. As a society, we are not the best of embracing the diversity of what grief looks like. But that doesn't let Javi off the hook. It is not, in any universe, cool to blame someone for their own miscarriage. I don't particularly love Javi — I find him to be super sexist, controlling and paranoid, and he's been pushing the idea of a third baby in spite of the fact that he's deploying, Kail's trying to finish college, they've come close to divorcing more than once already, they have two small kids and she's talked about feeling overwhelmed.

When he said, "You know how much I wanted this baby," at the end of Monday's episode, I came close to throwing a blunt object. Of course, he wanted the baby, and of course, Kail wanted the baby (if either of them didn't, I hope they would have talked about it, but who knows). And anger is a part of grief, but blaming Kail for losing the pregnancy, telling her that he blames her, crosses all the lines. That's the kind of thing you need to sort out with yourself, possibly in therapy, and not manifest in front of your partner, who's in her own pain, and is most certainly blaming herself.

Please work your crap out, Javi, and stop treating Kail like she's a vessel for your seed instead of your partner, a human with feelings and a separate identity.

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What did you think of the way Javi treated Kail? Should he have been more supportive of Kail? Tell us in the comments!

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