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Jenny McCarthy tests Donnie Wahlberg’s love, and he passes with flying colors

It’s official. The cutest couple in the world is Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg. I’ve only been watching Donnie Loves Jenny this season, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more endearing, loving couple. And I’ve definitely never seen one on reality tv.

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On tonight’s episode, McCarthy put Wahlberg through the biggest test a relationship can endure. While she was sick, McCarthy needed an enema, but she didn’t have enough energy to do it herself. She asked him once, maybe twice, and he was more than happy to oblige her request. He even said he’d like to pretend he didn’t like doing it, but he couldn’t. I mean, really?

While the couple is certainly in love and super sweet, one thing that makes them so cute is Wahlberg’s bad boy image. From his days in New Kids on the Block until now, he’s always been a rough and tough kind of guy. But when you see him interacting with Jenny and cherishing her every day, you forget he even has that side of him. He embodies what every girl wishes for — he is the bad boy who turned into a good man for the right woman.

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It’s fun to watch them interact because McCarthy is so appreciative and aware of how great she has it. She is constantly thanking him and telling him how much she loves him. If it weren’t so unbelievably cute, it would be disgusting.

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Donnie Loves Jenny managed to capture what thousands of reality television shows have been trying to capture for the past decade, which is a couple who genuinely love each other and are entertaining to watch. They definitely struck gold with McCarthy and Wahlberg.

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