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Bethenny Frankel can’t figure out the difference between catching up and gossiping

The women of The Real Housewives of New York wasted no time jumping into the drama in the premiere episode of Season 8. Specifically, Bethenny Frankel wasted no time going to lunch with as many women as she could to talk crap about the other housewives.

She started out talking to Ramona about Dorinda’s boyfriend and Sonya. Then she moved on to talking to Dorinda about her antics in the Hamptons over the summer. But the worst of her shit-talking sessions came when Frankel insinuated that the newest Housewife, Jules Wainstein, suffered from an eating disorder.

At one point she even said, “It’s the kind of thin that makes the people around you uncomfortable.” So, that was a shining moment for her.

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There’s absolutely no situation in which anyone should comment on another person’s physical appearance, especially if they claim that person is suffering from a mental and physical illness. Even if that was an acceptable thing, Frankel should know better because she has had the same accusations made about her. But, again, it’s not a thing that should ever happen.

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We’ve all had a friend who says a little too much. We’ve all been the person who forgot their filter at home and said insensitive things, and we’ve all apologized for our mistakes. But it’s a pattern with Frankel. It’s not one slip-up that she learns from. It’s a constant need to make her opinion of other people known. These women are supposed to be her friends, and she can’t find a positive or encouraging word to say about them. Could you imagine if she hated them?


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I look forward to the other women getting fed up with Frankel throughout the rest of the season. Hopefully, someone puts her in her place so that she stops confusing a catch-up lunch with her friends with the worst kind of gossip session. Someone needs to.

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