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Taylor Swift’s fans turn against her after Apple Music video release

Taylor Swift fans have had enough of the singer’s push to get them on Apple Music. On Wednesday, Swift released the music video of her single “New Romantics,” but she guaranteed that not many people would see it by keeping it off YouTube and Vevo. Apple Music is the only platform anyone can watch the music video as of right now, and nobody’s happy about it.

Swift’s fans are mostly young teenagers who don’t have the $10 a month to spend on Apple Music. They’re angry that they invest so much money in her music, concerts and merchandise, and she won’t even give them one music video. But even if they could afford a subscription to Apple Music, no one has ever paid to watch a music video. That’s not a thing she should charge for.

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I understand where musicians are coming from when they complain about the availability of their art around the Internet. People can access something they’ve worked years on without paying anything for it. That sucks a lot. However, I draw the line at music videos. Since the launch of MTV in the ‘80s, no artist has ever charged their audience to see a music video. Not even Michael Jackson when he made “Thriller”.

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Even though Swift’s fans are a very passionate bunch who would do just about anything for their idol, I think this choice is a very dangerous one for her. She’s going to appear to be taking advantage of her young fans, especially because she isn’t hurting for a paycheck. She’s got cash rolling in left and right. One music video isn’t going to make or break her finances, but it may break the trust she’s worked so hard to build with her fans.

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So far, the singer hasn’t responded to the overwhelming negative feedback on Twitter or anywhere else, but I would keep an eye on YouTube in the near future. If Swift wants to make the smart business decision, she’ll put her new video up there soon.

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