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Supernatural: I’ll be truly pissed if Amara can’t get God to show his face

After Wednesday’s episode of Supernatural, I think it’s safe to say that Sam and Dean have quite the mess to clean up.

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The episode started off with quite the shock — Rowena is alive! Say what now? Remember how Lucifer snapped her neck? Yeah, well she was anticipating death, so she stored some magic within herself as a safeguard. Good thing she did, right?

Not only is Rowena alive, but it turns out she’s been helping Amara ever since Heaven tried to smite her. Obviously, it didn’t work and The Darkness is back in full force. However, before Rowena and Amara could be become besties, the badass witch ran to her son, Crowley, and Sam and Dean to assist them in trying to expel Lucifer from Castiel and then send him straight back to the cage.

Guess what? Yeah, it didn’t work. Castiel is too far gone, thanks to Lucifer having an extremely strong hold on him. The upside? More scenes with Misha Collins perfectly portraying Casifer. Seriously, he is pure gold this season.

If that isn’t all bad enough, Crowley managed to get his hands on the horn of Joshua, aka another hand of God. Rather than plans going his way, Lucifer managed to steal the horn right from under Crowley, Rowena, Sam and Dean’s noses. That said, he did attempt to use the hand of God to destroy Amara. At first, it seemed like it was working (even Sam and Dean thought having Lucifer using God’s weapon on The Darkness would work), but it totally backfired.

Amara, Supernatural
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Amara is still standing stronger than ever. Irritated with Lucifer, she decided they needed to have a little talk and disappeared with him. You know who else pulled a disappearing act? Rowena and Crowley, because of course they did.

So, not only do Sam and Dean still need to save Castiel, but they need to get Lucifer back in his cage (most likely with the help of Rowena and maybe even Crowley), locate Rowena and Crowley, and figure out a way to defeat The Darkness and whatever else they encounter along the way. I don’t know if the Winchesters have ever been in a bigger mess. Seriously, how are they going to handle all of this?

Furthermore, there’s the fact Amara is now going to use/torture Lucifer (God’s favorite) in hopes of finally luring out her brother from whatever rock he is hiding under. All I have to say is, her plan had better work, because I’m sick of wondering if and/or when God will finally show his face.

After a lot of talk and speculation, it’s about damn time God makes an appearance. If he doesn’t sooner rather than later, well, it’s safe to say my irritation will be through the roof. Plus, the fact that Chuck is returning in Episode 20 and could very well be God isn’t helping the situation. Anyone else in dire need of some Chuck?

Here’s hoping Amara can work her dark magic and finally come face to face with her brother. It’s going to be one epic family reunion — and one I’m beyond ready to witness.

Supernatural returns Wednesday, April 27 at 9/8c on The CW.

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