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Scheana Marie won’t let up about the Ariana & Tom texting scandal

We’ve come to expect that there will never be a time when everyone gets along on Vanderpump Rules, and Scheana Marie and Tom Sandoval have had some particularly dramatic moments, but will they ever get past that texting scandal?

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During an interview with Bravo, Scheana Marie was asked if she ever regretted texting Ariana Madix’s mother about Sandoval (she most certainly did not have very nice things to say), and her comments were pretty surprising.

“I don’t ever like to have regrets. Live and learn. At the time I sent them, I felt that way about Tom and I will never apologize for my feelings and why he made me feel that way,” she explained. “I don’t know how many times I have to emphasize that she reached out first and was just as much a part of that conversation as I was. I also don’t like living in the past. This happened. It’s over with. I’ve moved on.”

But has she really moved on? Scheana Marie’s comments seem to say otherwise.

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When asked whether she still feels that way about Sandoval, Scheana Marie made it clear that she has not forgiven and forgotten, even if they have moved past the whole incident.

“To some extent, yes. There were things he did in 2014 that are unforgivable and for the rest, we’ve moved on and past it. I’m happy with where things are now,” she explained, although she chose not to elaborate on what exactly those “unforgivable” things were.

However, Scheana Marie is more willing to let bygones be bygones when it comes to Stassi Schroeder, and according to her, they’re in a great place.

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“We are closer than ever! I love having her back in my life and we talk almost every day,” she confessed. “There are so many things we have in common and we just have a blast together!”

Hmmm… do you think that will last?

Are you glad to learn that Stassi and Scheana Marie are friends again? Do you think that Scheana Marie’s comments about Tom are unfair? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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