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Anna Kendrick discovers a woman from the 1930s who looked exactly like her

Don’t freak out, you guys, but Anna Kendrick might just hold the key to time travel.

Mashable recently published an article about how John Wayne became John Wayne, along with a photo from the set of his first film, The Big Trail. The 1930 film also starred Marguerite Churchill, which is apparently the stage name Kendrick uses when she hops in her DeLorean and guns it back to before the turn of the century.

(Side note: How hot was John Wayne?)

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All right, so Kendrick probably doesn’t really have a DeLorean, but she does share some of the same gorgeously delicate facial characteristics with Churchill.

Kendrick herself was blown away by the resemblance.

“OK but, first glance, that girl DOES look like me…have I been alive forever????(That would explain why I’m so jaded),” she tweeted.

Kendrick isn’t the only celebrity that’s been accused of time traveling or being a vampire. Keanu Reeves, John Travolta, Nicholas Cage and Jack Black all have days-of-yore doppelgängers.

And there’s even evidence that Leonardo DiCaprio once lived as a woman named Judy Zipper in the 1960s.

When she’s not time traveling in her free time, Kendrick has been keeping herself busy by trying her hand at becoming an author, speaking up about the sexism that exists in Hollywood and just being her usual awesome self.

What do you think? Is Kendrick a dead ringer for Churchill?

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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