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Kelly Rowland talks friendship with Beyoncé and makes all of us jealous

Kelly Rowland is in the midst of press for her new show, Chasing Destiny, where she is on the hunt for the next big girl group, and obviously, she’s getting a lot of questions about her former group mates Michelle Williams and Beyoncé. Rowland insists the two are totally on board with her new project.

She explained that they are all in agreement that every generation deserves a powerful and talented girl group, and that each one should be better than the last. She told The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 that Beyoncé is “really excited” about what she’s doing and hope Rowland finds whoever is going to be great.

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This is why Destiny’s Child is the original #squadgoals.

The three women haven’t been in a group in more than 10 years, but they still fully support each other. They continue to push each other to be better than before, and to always offer something new to people. To go as far as to say both Williams and Beyoncé want Rowland to find something better than Destiny’s Child not only shows how strong their bond is, but also that they genuinely want the best for each other.

In my humble opinion, nothing will ever be as great as Destiny’s Child, but I’m so glad Rowland is up for the challenge with the support of her best friends.

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To illustrate just how much we should all want to be in the DC Squad, Rowland said, “The last time me and Bey were together was like two weeks ago, when I stopped by rehearsals and we talked about everything else. We really, really do. We talk about playdates with the kids, and we talk about vacations and new opportunities.”

First, I wish I was able to casually drop by Beyoncé’s rehearsal. But more important, what a great friendship that they support each other in everything from children to expanding their professional opportunities. It just seems like the perfect friendship.

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What do you think will happen with Chasing Destiny? Do you think Kelly Rowland can find an even better group?

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