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RHOBH fans should butt out of Kyle Richards & Lisa Vanderpump’s friendship

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards have had their ups and downs, but at the end of the day, they are the closest friends on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… or are they? Their entire friendship was called into question during tonight’s episode, with the other Housewives accusing Vanderpump of being an awful friend — and accusing Richards of being a doormat.

Kyle Richards
Image: Bravo

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The drama was sparked by (what else?) the Munchausen syndrome debacle, which evidently involved Vanderpump stating something about dragging Richards into the never-ending Munchausen mess. Richards admitted that Vanderpump’s behavior seemed shady, but she was not willing to attack her friend. The other Housewives seemed very bothered by this, especially Eileen Davidson, who stormed away from the already awkward dinner.

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Yes, Richards and Vanderpump’s friendship is odd, but ultimately, how they choose to interact is their business. The other Housewives have more than enough to bicker about; why are they so fixated on Richards’ decision to protect her friendship?

Kyle and Lisa
Image: Bravo

Interestingly enough, the only Housewife willing to give Richards and Vanderpump the space they needed to work things out was Kathryn Edwards, who, until now, has received a ton of social media hate from critics, many of whom decry her seemingly snobbish attitude. But tonight, Edwards made a good point: Who cares whether Richards lets Vanderpump throw her under the bus? She’s an adult and she can choose who she wants for a BFF. Edwards did her best to stay out of this particular skirmish and, later, she shared her viewpoint on Twitter.

Edwards was by no means the only Twitter user to express surprise regarding the Housewives’ interest in Richards and Vanderpump’s relationship. Several other viewers also spoke out, and while many seemed to agree with Erika Jayne’s declaration that the friendship is fake, others wished that the other gals would follow Edwards’ lead and butt out.

Richards and Vanderpump definitely have an odd relationship, and yes, it sometimes feels like it’s more of a friendship of convenience than a genuine bond. But they seem happy with the way things are, so why tear them apart?
In case you were wondering, yes, their friendship has since survived, or at least, it has if Instagram is any indication. Both of the reality stars updated their Instagram pages after filming the reunion to show that they are still best buds.

What do you think of Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump’s friendship? Comment and share your opinion below.

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