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One of the Counting On commercials was directly aimed at the Duggars

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When the Josh Duggar molestation scandal broke, those companies advertising with 19 Kids and Counting began to bail, and amid the outcry, TLC canceled the show. Now that a new Duggar show is on the air, there’s still controversy about the groups who choose to advertise during it, since many feel that the family who brought you Josh Duggar and hid his crime for years doesn’t deserve to be in the public eye anymore, ever again.

On Tuesday’s new episode, it seemed as though the show was a little thinner in the way of advertisements other than those for other TLC programs, but one in particular stuck out — a commercial for RAINN, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. RAINN operates a National Sexual Assault Hotline and also executes programs to prevent sexual assault, help victims, and works to bring rapists to justice.

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Fans certainly noticed the commercial and praised TLC for including it in the Counting On time slot.

The inclusion of the commercial is a surprise, and not just because it’s such a direct reference to the fact that Josh Duggar molested his sisters, it was covered up by his parents and other folks in power, and Jill, Jessa and the other young women he preyed on have been made to believe it was their fault.

TLC has to know that some, if not a lot, of the Counting On viewership consists of religious Christians (the others are probably people who like to hate-watch) who themselves might be facing circumstances like those of the Duggar daughters, but who have been told they can’t talk about what’s happening and that they’ve somehow brought it upon themselves.

Of course, it’s not just religious communities dealing with issues of sexual violence, but if ever there was an example of strategic placement, it was this RAINN ad.

What’s also interesting about the ad is that you might think an organization like RAINN, which probably identifies as feminist, would like to get as far as possible from a show like Counting On and a conservative, fundamentalist, Rick Santorum supporting, anti-gay family like the Duggars. Instead, though, RAINN decided to engage and reach out to a group of people who needs them, regardless of their politics.

Even if RAINN never advertises during Counting On again, you never know who might have written down that hotline number, or who connected with the story of the young woman in the commercial, or who might feel moved to tell her own story.

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What did you think of the RAINN commercial being aired during Counting On? Tell us in the comments!

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