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Kerry Washington’s Adweek mag cover literally looks nothing like her

Kerry Washington is on the cover of Adweek this week. I thought I should tell you that now, because if you just went browsing through a rack of magazines, you’d never recognize her. Washington is unfortunately the latest victim of “Photoshop changed my face completely.”

It happens to the best of celebs. Everyone from Kelly Clarkson to Kourtney Kardashian has spoken out against magazines that changed their face from beloved, recognizable celebrity to vaguely familiar girl I might have known in high school.

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In an effort to prove she is the classiest woman ever, Washington took to her Instagram to address the cover and Adweek. She did acknowledge her disappointment that she looked “at a picture of myself that is so different from what I look like when I look in the mirror. It’s an unfortunate feeling.” But that was where her critiques ended.

Rather than focus on the negatives, she was understanding that things like this happen in the celebrity editorial world. She wrote, “I love Adweek. It’s a publication I appreciate. And learn from. I’ve long followed them on Twitter. And when they invited me to do a cover, I was excited and thrilled. And the truth is, I’m still excited. I’m proud of the article. And I like some of the inside images a great deal.”

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Reading it just makes you want to be her, doesn’t it?

I think it’s an important message to send to both her audience and Adweek as well. She talked very openly about the fact that we’ve all accepted photo editing as a way of life now. We all use filters and cropping to make sure we present our best selves to the world, so attacking the magazine or its editors isn’t necessarily fair. She also made it clear to Adweek that although it’s a mistake she can sympathize with, they probably shouldn’t make a practice out of it. Keeping a calm and fair mind about the whole ordeal is the best way to move people forward so this hopefully won’t happen again.

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She ended by encouraging her fans to pick up a copy of the magazine, just to make sure everyone knew there wasn’t any bad blood. So this officially makes her just the best at everything.

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