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Bethenny Frankel has plans to ‘piss people off’ and we honestly can’t wait

Imagine a radio host. He or she has to talk a lot, not be afraid to say what’s on their mind and preferably have had some interesting life experiences. What would you do if we told you Bethenny Frankel was coming to the radio? It’s the perfect job for her, aside from reality TV star.

According to E! OnlineThe Real Housewives of New York‘s Frankel will launch a new show. She’s mum on who exactly she’ll be working for and what the format will be, but we’re already excited.

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“I think I’ve figured out a way to create an arrangement to do maybe one radio show a week, just to have an outlet, just to be able to vent and rant and express myself, and it seems that it just came through,” said Frankel.

And what a show it will be. “It’s not that I’d rant, it’s just conversations,” she continued. “I mean, I would probably talk about Trump… I would probably talk about Megyn Kelly. I would talk about Erin Andrews who got the $50 million. You know I would say a lot of things that would piss people off. Like I might say… ‘If you give me $50 million I’ll drill a hole in this office and you can watch me change every single day.’ You know what I mean.”

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We have a lot of questions: Will Frankel have guests? Will this interfere with RHONY? Will Bryn be on? Will they all drink Skinny Girl while they have “conversations?”

One thing’s for sure: “I’ll get in a lot of trouble, don’t get me wrong.”

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