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Listen, ladies — Strong is the weight-loss competition show you need to watch

NBC‘s new show Strong is preparing to put reality weight-loss competitions to shame with a new take on looking great.

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The show isn’t about losing weight; rather, the focus is finding on finding your inner self in a bigger picture kind of way. Losing weight is just the added perk.

Show host Gabrielle Reece explained, “As a woman, I can say the other part of the message that’s so important, at least for this first group of trainees, is they’re not looking left or right and saying, ‘Oh, I need to beat her or be like her.’ They’re simply saying, ‘How can I get back to or find or become my best self?’ Through the relationship with the trainer and that teamwork, I think that that is a very powerful part of the message where it’s — the trainer is informing her how to move and how to eat, but then together, they’re performing and he’s not only helping her, but she’s also helping him. So that’s a universal message that’s never going to go away. I have three daughters, and every day it’s how do you find the time. I’m aging. How do you deal with it gracefully and deal with aging? Still, if you’re just saying, ‘How can I be my best self wherever I am in my life?’ then I think that that’s a great North Star.”

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Executive producer Sylvester Stallone echoed those statements with comments about how the show applies to everyone in life whether they’re overweight or not.

“Here’s what I think it gets down to. Life breaks us all down. It’s not about building. Building is very, very tough,” Stallone said. “We get to a certain point and it becomes negative, and every day gets tougher and every month and every year, and the problems compound. People are at a crossroad, and they say, ‘Either I’m just going to go down the drain, I’m going to have life put its foot on my chest, or I’m not going to be broken anymore. I’m going to try to become unbreakable. I’m going to build an armor around myself, a body, a strength, mentally and physically,’ and all they need is a format. I think the fact that this is going on national television and people will say, ‘Hey I can do that. That’s me. I share in that.’ That’s all it is. Someone just to break the dam and just say, ‘You know what? I’m tired of being broken. I want to be unbreakable.'”

Not only will the show delve into the contestants’ and trainers’ journey to strength, it will also cover the difficulty of that journey, emotionally and physically.

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Unlike other reality TV shows we’ve seen in the past, Strong will make the recovery part following brutal workouts part of the storyline.

“We have a Strong recovery room that we set up, and it’s very real. The show pulls the curtain back and just really shows what it’s going to take. There [are] no shortcuts in getting into shape,” executive producer Dave Broome revealed. “It’s hard work, and I think I told all of the contestants going into this, if you think you’re going to come here, you’re on television, you’re going to take a magic pill and all of a sudden you’re going to get this amazing transformation, it ain’t happening. There’s no secret. You’re going to bust your ass together, and that’s how it’s going to happen, period.”

Strong premieres Wednesday, April 13 at 9/8c on NBC.

Which aspect of the show are you most excited to see play out?

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