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Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin is using her troubled past to inspire us all

Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin is currently performing on Dancing With the Stars, and she couldn’t be happier to be there. But during this season’s “Most Memorable Year” week, she also shared a very emotional story about her struggle with addiction and how she has emerged from a dark place in her life to once again pursue her dreams.

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“When the original Full House wrapped, I was 13 years old,” she explained in the pre-dance package, E! News reports. “It was a huge shift in my life. Everything that I’d known from the time I was 5 years old suddenly ended, and it was saying goodbye to a family that I loved very very much. At such a young age, it really was a huge loss for me that I didn’t know how to grieve. Drugs and alcohol just sort of numbed everything. I was doing cocaine, and ecstasy, and alcohol, and all that. The darkest moments for me weren’t necessarily ending up in the hospital and all that. It was those quiet moments alone when I’d just hated the person I’d become.”

Sweetin echoed these sentiments during an interview with People magazine, in which she explained that her story is one of “rising up, overcoming, falling down and getting back up again.”

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“It’s been a slow process of finding myself,” she told the publication of her past trials and tribulations. “It’s made me develop and blossom and find my true happiness in myself and in my career and relationships. The pieces are finally coming together and creating a beautiful picture that I never could have imagined.”

The true happiness she speaks of is, in part, thanks to her loving fiancé Justin Hodak (the pair got engaged in January), who has been supporting her throughout her time on Dancing With the Stars, but she also thanked the audience for their support and encouragement.

“My parents, fiancé and some really close friends will be in the audience,” Sweetin said of her performance. “I will have a lot of people in the audience who are supporting me, and I’m looking forward to sharing with them how they’ve helped me get to where I am today.”

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It could not have been easy for Sweetin to share her emotional journey with fans. In fact, she made a brave decision to so openly discuss deeply personal issues and shortcomings. Not only does this endear Sweetin to me (because we are all human, and we all make mistakes), but it also proves just how much has changed, and she reinforces the fact that those days are a thing of the past and that she never wants to go back to them. But she also reminds us all that we can be happy if we so choose, no matter what obstacles we have faced.

Is Jodie Sweetin one of your favorites on the show? Are you surprised by her confessions about her difficult past? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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