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OK, fine – Miranda Lambert & Anderson East sound like a good match

There are many people who still secretly wish that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert will see the error in their ways and realize they were perfect for each other. But if you’re one of these people, then you may just change your mind after discovering how happy Lambert is with her new boyfriend, Anderson East.

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Lambert and East took an important step in their relationship on Sunday when they made their first public appearance as a couple while walking the red carpet at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena for the 2016 Academy of Country Music Awards.

And a source revealed to E! News that, while East “was a little nervous” about walking the red carpet, he was “so happy to be there by Miranda’s side.”

The new couple appears to be very happy together as an onlooker revealed that they remained by each other’s side for much of the evening and that East was very attentive to Lambert.

The awards could have been awkward given that Shelton and Lambert were both in attendance, but according to the publication, they did not run into each other— not that Lambert was trying to avoid him.

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“She just did not go out of her way to bump into him. If they did, she would [have said] hi,” the source revealed, adding that Lambert “was not nervous at all” about the possibility of seeing Shelton.

In fact, she’s pleased he has found his own happiness with Gwen Stefani, according to the source.

“She is in a totally different space than [she was] months ago. She has no issues with Blake and is happy that he is in a good place in his life and also in love,” the source said.

It’s great to know that Lambert and Shelton are being so mature about the entire situation because things can so often get messy when emotions are involved.

However, Lambert chose to deal with the divorce in the right way, and instead of wishing her ex-husband ill and speaking badly of him, she channeled her emotions into her music, and in time found happiness with someone else.

That said, Lambert and Shelton will always have some pull to each other, and as any photos of them together during their relationship will remind you, they were once deeply in love. And while that love may now be over, it’s just beginning for Lambert and East, as a source revealed to E! News that the pair have a “crazy connection.”

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“Whenever they are together they act like two free spirits… Miranda adores Anderson. They understand each other. Anderson has given Miranda this confidence she hasn’t felt in some time. They are very supportive with each other and their careers,” a source told the publication.

Another source revealed that the pair is “serious” and have both met the other’s parents — who are fully supportive of the relationship.

Love isn’t the only thing that binds these two, though. They also share a few common interests, and one of the major ones besides music happens to be animals. The source revealed that “Anderson is a huge animal lover.”

He sounds like a genuinely good guy, and we’re thrilled to see that Miranda Lambert has found happiness again. But what do you think of her relationship? Do you think Anderson East is the right guy for her? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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