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Kanye West’s money troubles are apparently all Kim Kardashian’s fault

There are a lot of things you can criticize Kim Kardashian for, but her business savvy is not one of them. Unfortunately, the one person who should be listening to her financial advice isn’t paying attention. Her husband, Kanye West, is reportedly spending way too much money and may be close to going broke.

The rapper married into one of the most extravagant families in America, so you can’t totally blame him for spending money frivolously. But the difference is that everything the Kardashians touch turns to gold. Kardashian created a multimillion-dollar app. That’s just one of her many products. And even though rap fans love West, he’s still a musician who struggles with low album sales.

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Keeping up with his Kardashian may just be impossible for him. A friend of West’s told, “Part of him does believe he will be broke because of the luxurious and cavalier lifestyle he and Kim live. Either that, or he will be working from the grave to keep her and their image alive.”

Part of me believes Kardashian won’t let him go broke. I don’t know what their prenup looks like, but she is an incredible businesswoman who probably has plenty of financial advisors who will stop her or her husband from spending their last dollars on something silly, like another trip to Paris. Not to mention, Kris Jenner. That woman will move mountains before she lets one of her daughters fail.

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It is sad to see West’s pride constantly keep him from being successful. It’s as if he doesn’t have anyone in his corner to keep him grounded or let him know that being the center of attention is not always necessary.

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Only time will tell whether or not he will spend his way into ruin, but one thing is certain: Kim will not follow suit.

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