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Elizabeth Banks’ new comedy platform makes me want to be funny

Elizabeth Banks has a message for men and it’s “bow out!” The comedian launched her new digital platform, WhoHaha, today. The basic premise of the website is simple — Banks wants a place where women can go to get exposure for their comedy.

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In the video where she announces WhoHaha, Banks says, “After years of taking 90 percent of lead comedy roles and being forced to appear nightly on stand-up stages around the globe, we are here to relieve you of your obligations,” to all the men in comedy.

And the hits don’t stop there. She went on to say, “Here at WhoHaha, our motto is: If men can do it, they probably learned it from a woman. Funny women have been keeping this planet alive for centuries.”

I have to say, I’m all in for this.

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As a fan of all the great women in comedy, I can’t wait to have a place to go to be exposed to different comedic styles, videos and whatever else WhoHaha has to offer. This platform will hopefully prove once and for all that the problem isn’t that women aren’t as funny as men, but that women aren’t given the same opportunities as men.

Any platform that supports women carving out a space for themselves while also encouraging each other is a platform I fully support. Hopefully, other comedians will, too. So far on the site there are bits from Amy Schumer, Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Garner, along with dozens of skits from digital creators. If that’s just the first day of the platform, this is going to be my new favorite place on the Internet.

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If only I were funny enough to make my own content for the site!

Here’s hoping Banks can get an appearance from comedy’s two funniest feminists, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, on WhoHaha soon!

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