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RHOD‘s Brandi Redmond explains that hat/poop incident in all its hilarity

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On April 11 at 10/9c, the latest evidence that there is a higher power who loves us will manifest on Bravo in the form of the premiere of The Real Housewives of Dallas. The show will follow six women — LeeAnne Locken, Tiffany Hendra, Brandi Redmond, Stephanie Hollman, Marie Reyes and Cary Deuber — as they frequent the Dallas charity circuit, wear expensive workout attire and, most importantly, gossip and fight.

Brandi Redmond is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, graduate of Texas Woman’s University and mother to two girls. She’s a Housewife who does her own thing and isn’t concerned about what the others around her think, especially those obsessed with etiquette (à la Karen Huger).

Redmond and fellow cast member Stephanie Hollman have been best friends for years, and their antics, often fueled by wine, are delightfully silly. Redmond described Hollman as “a sweet, sensitive, beautiful soul and I just love, love, love her. She makes me laugh and we fit so well together with our friendship, families and shenanigans! We are like two little girls when we get together without kids.”

Look for them this season telling lots of fart jokes and making even boring chores an exercise in ridiculousness. They’ll also have important conversations about the reality of having young kids, as well as spouses who are often traveling.

“It’s important to enjoy raising children, and everyone reminds you that childhood goes by quickly,” Redmond told SheKnows. “So trying to give yourself a break from your normal without feeling guilty will rejuvenate being a parent and all that life throws your way. I find that I start missing my girls after a nice break.”

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Other things to look for this season include Redmond’s hilarious and frighteningly accurate impression of Housewife LeeAnne Locken, which causes some divisiveness between the two of them.

“I love to impersonate people in good fun,” said Redmond. “I‘ve done this my entire life, and some are better than others.” Redmond and Locken met before their paths crossed while filming RHOD. Redmond encountered her on the set of Travis Hollman’s (Stephanie’s husband) film Rain, in which Locken had a part.

In addition to Locken learning about Redmond’s impression of her in the season premiere, the two will butt heads again at a Mad Hatters party. The event is a big deal in the Dallas charity scene, and the attendees take their hats — hence the name Mad Hatters — very seriously. The theme of this year’s party, which was filmed for RHOD, was April in Paris, and Redmond went for it, unrepentantly, with her enormous, carefully constructed Dog Poop in Paris hat. (You really just have to see it to appreciate its grandeur.) While some at the party thought the hat was outstanding, Locken wasn’t one of them. Although, if she could go back, Redmond wouldn’t do anything differently.

“I have no regrets for doing the Dog Poop in Paris Hat… The Mad Hatters theme for the Dallas Arboretum was April in Paris, so if viewers don’t know, Paris is known to have issues with dog poop all over the sidewalks because owners aren’t picking up after their pets. I was still with the theme and it was all in fun.”

The first season of RHOD promises to be a whirlwind, powered by Redmond’s sense of humor, free spirit and her ability to not take things too seriously. “I’m proud of who I am and love to laugh,” said Redmond. “I can handle a little trouble.”

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Will you watch the premiere of The Real Housewives of Dallas on April 11 at 10/9c on Bravo? Tell us in the comments.

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