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ACM’s touching tribute to Joey Feek didn’t impress fans very much

Country music is known for being an art form that delves into sadness, loss and human frailty, so there was no question that the recent loss of singer Joey Feek would be mentioned at tonight’s ACM Awards. But for some fans, the show’s tribute didn’t go far enough.

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We all missed Feek at the ACM Awards tonight. The loss of this stunning, brave and talented woman to cervical cancer at the terribly young age of 40 had us all stunned last month. Though some of her family members were in the audience, her husband Rory stayed home with their young daughter, Indiana.

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As musicians Darius Rucker and Martina McBride were about to announce the best vocal group, Rucker said, “Of all the different ways we could honor Joey, we think what would mean the most to Joey and her family, is just, one more time for all of us, all her fans who love her, to give her a big round of applause.”

Many Twitter users thought the show could have done more to honor Feek’s legacy. Here are a few tweets we found:

This tweet even calls out Blake Shelton for snubbing Feek:

Aside from calling out Shelton, some people think Feek should have gotten a music tribute, the way David Bowie did. It’s not exactly fair to compare Joey Feek to a musical legend but considering Bowie wasn’t even a country artist it did seem strange that the ACM would spend time honoring him with songs and not simply a round of applause like they did for Feek.

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But maybe that’s why Feek’s death is so tragic — that she didn’t get the chance to build a legacy the way Bowie did.

What did you think of the Joey Feek tribute at the ACM Awards? Let us know in the comments section below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

2016 ACM Awards acceptance speeches slideshow
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