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Quantico: Parrish is on a path that will land everyone dead or in jail

It’s no secret that befriending Quantico‘s Agent Parrish is a risky business, but after tonight’s episode it seems pretty obvious that knowing, trusting, or helping Parrish is a surefire way to get yourself fired or killed.

Don’t believe us? Here are 7 reasons why everyone should steer clear of Agent Parrish.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

1. Hannah’s job

Quantico - Hannah Wyland
Image: ABC/Philippe Bosse

Let’s just start with the obvious — one day after begrudgingly joining Team Parrish, Hannah Wyland lost her job. One. Day. All it took was 24 hours with Parrish and the terrorist cell phone from Hades to get Wyland booted. Not exactly an inspiring partnership.

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2. Booth’s broken heart

Not only is Booth a shadow of the romantic male lead he once was, but he’s gotten downright annoying with his insistence that Parrish is mentally unstable (although, to be fair, she’s hardly making well-thought-out decisions of late). And he was shot and tortured when he was helping her track down the first “real” terrorist, so there’s that.

3. Simon’s meltdown

Although an antagonist at times, Simon has been one of Parrish’s most avid supporters. And yet, he let go of the bomb trigger that killed 32 agents because Parrish told him it was OK to do so… which sent him into a depressive spiral, living in the woods, and contemplating suicide.

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4. Liam’s sanity

Image: ABC/Philippe Bosse

Yeah, we don’t much like Liam either, but let’s not ignore the fact that Parrish is so confusing and attractive to the Quantico teacher and FBI agent that he’s conspired to have her kicked out of the program while also nearly losing his job for sleeping with her.

5. Shelby’s career

Parrish’s surveillance of her friends and co-NATS resulted in Shelby’s affair with Clayton Haas becoming public knowledge… which pretty much ruined Shelby’s career. Which means another one of her friends’ lives was ruined. Thanks, Parrish.

6. Pereles’ psyche

Image: ABC/Philippe Bosse

OK, so maybe Pereles isn’t in much danger — yet — but it’s Parrish’s fault that he almost got kicked out of Quantico in last week’s episode. (Maybe giving him sensitive information she gleaned from Liam wasn’t the best course of action.)  Now that the hottie is making his moves on her, we’re pretty sure it’s only a matter of time until he gets kicked out of the Academy for good, or dies in a plane crash… or something similarly awful.

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7. Vasquez’s death

Perhaps the biggest kicker of them all is Vasquez’s death…. er, supposed death. Because, let’s face it, we didn’t actually see Vasquez bite the big one. But if she did die a fiery, explosive death in that deserted warehouse, it’s perhaps the most serious example of why befriending, or working with, Parrish is bad for your health.

And with only a few more episodes left, it’s a safe bet that even more agents are going to pay a heavy price for believing in Parrish.

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