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Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend had such an inappropriate first encounter with her mom

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In a clip from Monday’s upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans’s mom, Barb Evans, meets Jenelle’s new boyfriend, David Eason (who, by the way, bears a striking resemblance to one Jax Taylor). After dealing with the likes of Andrew, Kiefer, Gary, Courtland and Nathan, it’s hard to imagine that Barb could have been excited to meet another new man — and this time, she doesn’t exactly hold back.

While David stands by, Barb informs him that Jenelle is really nice to other people and terrible to her. OK, who started this rumor that Jenelle is nice to other people? Are we watching the same show? I mean, maybe she is, but that’s definitely not what the editing on Teen Mom 2 or Jenelle’s social media activity reveals. Things continue to be awkward when Barb tells Jenelle that she’s going to visit Jenelle’s brother Colin in Nashville and that Jace wants to go with her, which he can do because Barb has full custody of him. Cue Jenelle’s protests that that isn’t fair — and a fight ensuing — all in front of David, David’s daughter Maryssa, Kaiser and Jace.

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By now, Barb knows that Jenelle is the easiest person on the planet to pick a fight with and that the fight will be that much worse if it has anything to do with Jace, custody or criticisms of Jenelle’s parenting. We are all super skeptical of Jenelle’s new relationship, and Barb is undoubtedly more exhausted by Jenelle than any of us, but something seems dastardly about the way she’s deliberately provoking Jenelle in front of David, her kids and the whole world. I think we can assume at this point that there is always a producer saying something like, “Hey, how about you bring up that really sensitive thing when we’re filming? You know, the issue you can’t resolve? The one that makes Jenelle want to kill you? Make sure you talk about that.” It’s one of the things we can depend on in the Teen Mom universe.

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Do you think Barb should have brought up custody in front of David? Did she go too far? Tell us in the comments!

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