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Thomas Ravenel takes his pregnancy ignorance too far on Southern Charm

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Southern Charm, Bravo’s delightfully soapy and scandalous reality series about Charleston socialites, returned on Monday night with the premiere of its third season. It’s been almost a year since the show last aired and, oh, my God, I missed it so much. If you’re not familiar, the main drama on the show revolves around the fiery and often deranged romance between Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel. Last season, after the birth of the couple’s first child, Kensington, Thomas ran for senate and lost, and along the way, his relationship with Kathryn deteriorated and the two broke up. In the season premiere, Ravenel and the black eye he got in a bar fight threw a dinner party, and everyone gossiped about the fact that Kathryn was once again pregnant with Thomas’ baby, even though the couple was (and is) broken up.

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Thomas is notorious for his philandering — last season, the cast repeatedly joked that he’s been with every woman in Charleston with maybe three exceptions. He’s also incredibly sexist, and it tends to come out every time he talks to, or about, Kathryn. Throughout last season, he accused her of being unstable and paranoid, although he repeatedly gave her reasons not to trust him. (He didn’t get the memo about why it’s messed up and misogynistic to refer to a woman as “hysterical,” not that that would have stopped him.) 

On the premiere, Thomas continued to talk about Kathryn as though she were some sort of harpy. Someone really needs to update him on how babies get conceived, because he definitely thinks people can get themselves pregnant. He claimed he was over the drama, and also that Kathryn was keeping their daughter, Kensington, from him. Here’s the thing: Not being constantly patronizing, cruel and dismissive of Kathryn could help solve that problem.

At a fancy party thrown by Craig and his girlfriend Naomie (in South Carolina in the summer), Thomas ignored Kathryn until he was drunk enough to talk to her. And then he picked a fight about the color of Kenzie’s nursery, but not before he told the cameras that whatever he said to Kathryn would “send her into orbit.” It’s not a mystery as to why Kathryn’s angry at Thomas. He’s treated her badly on camera and off for a long time, and has refused to take their relationship seriously, while at the same time keeping her around to sleep with (minus the birth control, which yes, is on both of them). I am already so over this “Kathryn is shrill and irrational” story line, and I’ve been over it for two seasons. I wish Thomas would do better, but I really don’t have faith that he can or will.

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