Once Upon a Time: Will Zelena and Hades become the next power couple?

Apr 3, 2016 at 10:36 p.m. ET
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Sunday's episode of Once Upon a Time not only brought Zelena back into our lives but also told the interesting tale of Zelena's past with Hades. As previously shown, the two of them connected many years ago in Oz. Further details were revealed about their past in "Our Decay," including the fact that they both wanted to create a time travel spell (ingredients include innocence, wisdom, courage and love).

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It seems that Zelena wanted the spell to go back to a point before she was abandoned by her mother, Cora. As for Hades, he wanted to travel back to the time before his brother Zeus became the ruler of Olympus and cursed Hades by sending him to the Underworld. The curse also stopped Hades' heart and stole his ability to feel love, happiness and joy. In order to be able to time travel, Hades needs to return to being a fully formed man, which can be achieved by true love's kiss.

During Hades and Zelena's short journey together, where Zelena killed the Scarecrow for his brain (which would take care of the "wisdom" part of the spell), Hades fell in love with her. Of course, Zelena accused Hades of just using her to help him with the time travel spell so that he could be freed from the Underworld. As much as Hades tried to convince Zelena that he really did love her, she refused to believe him.

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Back to the present day: Hades had Rumple open up a portal to transport Zelena's baby into the Underworld. As usually happens, it didn't all go as planned, and Belle, Baby Hood (yes, she still doesn't have a name) and Zelena all ended up in Hades' world. After a lot of drama and anger, Zelena decided to hand over her daughter to Robin and Regina because she realized they'd be able to protect her daughter better than she could while in the Underworld.

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Side note: I know everyone thinks they're doing the right thing by keeping Zelena and her child apart, but sooner or later, I really hope Zelena can be the loving and protective mother she already is. Clearly, she will be a great one because she did separate herself from her child, which demonstrates how worthy she is of raising her daughter.

After Zelena's emotional departure from Baby Hood, she and Hades met face-to-face for the first time since their goodbye in Oz. Obviously, since Hades is responsible for bringing Baby Hood to the Underworld, it seems like he wanted Baby Hood for her innocence for the time travel spell. That's exactly what Zelena thought, too.

That said, Hades told Zelena that the only reason he brought Baby Hood through the portal was to rescue her from the "miserable heroes" keeping Zelena away from her daughter. Once again, he tried to convince Zelena that he truly does love her and even transformed the Underworld to look exactly like Storybrooke for her. Even though things only decay there, as Hades told her, "It's our decay." I guess that's Hades' kind of romance.

Hades gave a good talk, and he kind of convinced me (not fully, but slightly) that he really might love Zelena as much as he says he does. I mean, he even found out her birthday for her, which she's never known. FYI, it's April 15. Granted, he did torture Cora for the information, but still.

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At the end, Hades told Zelena that if she wants him, he'll wait for her. Then, they can get Baby Hood back and rule the Underworld/their home together. Zelena is still unsure whether she can trust him because, well, it's Hades.

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So, what will Zelena do? Will she side with Hades, the man who may love her and who supposedly tried to get her daughter back for her? Let's think about this. If she does decide to trust Hades, they will become a major power couple and a force to be reckoned with. It may also spell trouble for Emma, Regina and everyone else from the Overworld currently in the Underworld.

There's also a good chance that Hades really is using Zelena to free him from his curse and to help create the time travel spell. I mean, this is Hades, after all. He only ever thinks about himself. How much can Zelena trust him?

Even though the two joining forces may be bad for my favorite heroes from Storybrooke, I just don't want to see Zelena get her heart broken again. Yes, she's done her fair share of horrible things, but who hasn't on Once Upon a Time? I mean, how much pain can she really handle? Zelena does deserve some kind of happy ending, whether that's with Hades or not.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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