SNL: Leslie Jones & Peter Dinklage are perfect together, especially naked

Peter Dinklage was apparently game for any and all shenanigans on Saturday Night Live this week. Not only did he dress up as Winnie the Pooh, eat bread through a “glory hole” and sing about space pants (sure to be the Internet’s new favorite jam), but he also got naked in the woods with Leslie Jones.

Yes, 6-foot-tall future Ghostbuster Leslie Jones.

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Anyone who has watched the Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid knows that spending 21 days in the wilderness in just your birthday suit is sure to provide countless awkward and vulnerable moments between contestants. Pairing Dinklage with Jones in this parody sketch was nothing short of genius, as the two couldn’t be more awkward together.

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But they were awkward in kind of an awesome, “Aww, I wish I were Leslie Jones in this sketch” way because, while the two don’t have anything in common, their chemistry together is off the charts! The highlight of the sketch happens when the overwhelmingly hilarious Jones insists on spooning Dinklage, keeping her hands on the most sensitive part of Dinklage’s body “for warmth.”

Sure, it was just a spoof, and sure, these two didn’t really spend 21 days in the woods together, but if the Discovery Channel had any sense at all, it would hurry up and get on this celebrity version of Naked and Afraid ASAP.

Because let’s just say that when Jones hugs Dinklage at the end of the sketch, he comes face-to-face with “Little Leslie” and everything just feels right with the world.

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