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The Amazing Race nearly gave fans a heart attack during Week 6

The Internet lost its mind when fan favorites were almost eliminated on The Amazing Race this week.

Since all the contestants are social media moguls, this season of The Amazing Race has been causing a bit more buzz on Twitter than previous seasons, and the majority of that buzz has been centered on two contestants in particular: YouTube sensations Korey Kuhl and Tyler Oakley. So, when the duo began falling behind in the challenges of this episode, fans did not take it well.

It started when Kuhl and Oakley couldn’t find the clue to lead them to their first task.

After finally finding the first clue, the contestants had to complete the first challenge by either weaving an Armenian rug or baking an Armenian flatbread called lavash. Oakley and Kuhl opted to weave a rug, and while they didn’t finish last in their task, they struggled to find a cab on their way to their next destination. That ultimately left them in last place, racing to catch up to the other contestants.

This sent fans on Twitter into full-on cardiac arrest.

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To add to the high stakes, there was a express pass up for grabs for the winner of this leg. It didn’t take long for Kuhl and Oakley to catch up to the father-daughter team of Scott and Blair Fowler. Then, it became a footrace to the road block, in which teams had to change the oil in a taxi. Luckily for Oakley and Kuhl, Sheri LaBrant ended up having a extraordinarily difficult time getting the oil filter off the car, allowing all the other teams to pass her team and leaving them in last place.

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After shedding some tears and fighting through the hard time (and with a little help from Scott Fowler), LaBrant was able to finish the road block and finish the leg. While she and Cole LaBrant finished last, this ended up being a non-elimination round, and the mother-son team was able to hang on for another leg.

When and if the time comes that Kuhl and Oakley do get eliminated, fans might not be able to handle it. As a necessary precaution, for their fans’ health and safety, Oakley and Kuhl are going to have to win this whole thing.

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