Kourtney Kardashian's April Fools' joke was incestuous but genius

Apr 2, 2016 at 10:53 a.m. ET
Image: Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

Kourtney Kardashian found Scott Disick in bed with Kendall Jenner — but it isn't at all what you think.

The Kardashians and Jenners know good gossip when they hear it. They also know how to take a silly, vicious rumor and run with it. After Kourtney Kardashian found Scott Disick in bed with Kendall Jenner, she posted the video on Snapchat. But lest you think the discovery is causing drama and feuds within their family, it isn't. In fact, everyone is super cool with Disick shacking up with the young model because Kardashian, Disick and Jenner just gave us the best April Fools' prank of 2016.

In this hilarious video, Kardashian searches high and low around her home for any sign of her younger sister. She spots Kylie Jenner casually hanging out in the foyer and follows her instructions to check the office. After opening and closing a few doors, Kourtney stumbles upon a guest bedroom and — of all the shocking things to discover — there's Disick cuddling in bed with Kendall.

Kardashian then chases Disick out of the house, shouting, "You're so sick, you're so inappropriate, like, what is wrong with you?"

And, thank goodness, Disick gives us our breath back by revealing it was all an amazing prank:

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Over the years, Disick has been the rumored love interest of both Kendall and Khloé Kardashian — obviously ridiculous given the fact that he and Kourtney dated on and off since 2006 and, although currently estranged, they are raising Mason, Penelope and Reign Aston together. As a celebrity in his own right, the Lord needn't canoodle with family members, which is just odd, and he can (and has) certainly found women outside of their family with whom to hook up.

If anything should clear up these rumors, it's Kourtney and Disick working together to show the world the absurdity of the thought of him and Kendall going behind her back to share their love — and thinking they could even get away with it under the watchful glare of paparazzi.

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But let's not ignore another amazing thing this video proves: Kourtney and Disick have been through so much, including drug and alcohol addiction and cheating. And yet, they still find time to have fun together and find the lightness in their beings. They may never be a solid couple again, but I feel they'll always be a presence in one another's lives. And they can create one heck of a wicked good April Fools' joke.