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The longer Rayna is on The Vampire Diaries the more I miss Kai

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 is definitely keeping things interesting with the time jump. But one thing I just can’t jump on board with is Rayna as a villain I love to hate.

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Aside from the point that I just can’t seem to get over the fact that she might as well be an Elena dopplegänger, she really has nothing redeeming about her to make her a relatable bad girl.

It’s even more stark considering the history The Vampire Diaries has with uh-mazing villains: Klaus, Katherine, Silas, Qetsiyah and, my personal favorite of all time, Kai. (Just a side note here, I don’t really count Klaus as a villain anymore, otherwise it would definitely be a tie between Kai and Klaus.)

Kai was the ultimate villain for the show. He had depth that almost made you sympathize with him and just enough humor that his crazy was balanced by his wit. Of course, his reign on the show couldn’t last forever. And bravo to executive producer Julie Plec for scooping him up for her new show Containment because I need more of actor Chris Wood.

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Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to latch on to Rayna in the same way. She had so much potential though. She was this mysterious vixen shadow that was hunting our heroes. I was all on board for that creepy storyline. But I think where her hunting adventure lost me was with her motives. She really didn’t want to kill Stefan (Paul Wesley). She flat out told him that during tonight’s episode, but the magic mumbo jumbo just compelled her to do it. It’s just not a strong enough justification for me to really latch on to her evil ways.

Plus, there’s so much going on in the show right now that it was hard to keep track of where the characters were running and who was doing what, let alone to feel invested in the new dynamic between Stefan and Rayna and their tied souls.

Of course, now I feel like I definitely, definitely can’t ever appreciate her in any way after she killed Stefan. Of all the ways Stefan could go out, and of all the people to do it, it had to be Rayna?! And not only did she kill him but she got him to admit that he’d be better off without Damon before she did it! Wtf?! After everything the brothers have been through and after everything they’ve conquered together it’s Rayna that gets Stefan to abandon his brother?! It’s Rayna who makes him realize that he would be better off without Damon?!

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Not only is that notion completely false for the fact that Damon and Stefan are the best brother duo on television, it’s false because Rayna couldn’t possibly be the one to make Stefan feel that way on his death bed.

Granted, I know that Stefan isn’t gone, gone — otherwise the show would be in trouble. But I’m just all sorts of bitter at this girl right now. Thank goodness Mary Louise and Nora took away her pretty knife. Now maybe someone will finally take this girl down once and for all.

Are you ready to see Rayna gone from The Vampire Diaries too?

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